US Senate Independent/Republican CANDIDATE 2022


 My Congressman Jim Himes has FBI oversight and brought Comey to washington to frame a sitting President.  



Crating Sanctuary Citites.

Problems and Solutions.

1)The New way forward Act is worse than the green New deal.

HR1 is election Fraud.   The Build back Bankruptcy Act is another problem.  Creating Sactuary cities. 

2) we can't fix anything with open borders. 

3) We can't abandon citizen's needs to meet the needs of the Undocumented. 

4) 5G disaster- A Blumenthal Creation striking similarity to our OXy problem.  


6) CT HFA disaster

7) Environmental Justice?  There is no plan, the DEEP is gutted. 

8)% of income finansurance medical (mutual)insurance for all. Free market. (non Rip-rigid installments payments)

9) Judicial misconduct is America's worst problem.

10) Police misconduct in our sanctuary state is killing us. 


11) Our conGress has allowed our CIA and NSA to compromise our National security.  

12) HR1 is a disaster CO sponsored by Courtney, Larson, DeLauro, Himes and Haye. They want ballot harvesting, same day voter fraud with no IDS. 6x Times matching. 

I have a 50 part plan in mind to counter the 1042 Bills in the Seante of Richard Blumenthal. 


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Here's My platform

I've distilled my 2022 campaign into key categories:  


1) Family: Human Trafficking is one of our greatest failures.  DCF is atrocious. 

2) Truly Affordable Healthcare for all.

    Provide Choices  not mandates.  Pre-existing conditions, high risk pools; CT is the insurance capital of the World.  Private insurance is the key to cheaper costs. The cost is 9% they charge 24%. Prescription drugs fund the DNC. We can't scrap or repeal without another viable plan. 

Free Market Solutions not sponsored lobbyists are the answers. 

3) Affordable Housing 

        Private Landlords have no rights so municipalities build housing creating massive slum lords. The HUD guidelines are not kept.


4) Immigration Reform - Needs a     total overhaul. There can be no   Sanctuary Cities, Counties, or States. 

5)  College Education 

My platform will (#2, #3, #5) be underwritten by private insurance. We hope to offer: A, B, C. 

Private Insurance Here is how.

Finansurance is more important than ever with Covid. 

A) College Education for 3 1/2 % of gross income after graduation for 15 years. The payments are covered during periods of unemployment.

B) Healthcare for all for 9% of gross income. Payments covered during unemployment.  I am under the assumption that Private Insurance is absolutely essential. 

C) Affordable housing for all at 10% of Gross Income. Payments covered during unemployment.

6)Economy and Jobs

Trade Agreements Fair not free.

Job creation through changing he SEC listing requirements for exchanges and End the Private Placement problem.


7)Infrastructure there is a 2 trillion $ plan on the table.

8) 5G is a problem. 

9) Privacy Law. 

10) Judicial Misconduct

11)The CT FBI is a problem.


1) Family: Open Borders is killing us. Drug Cartels, Gangs, Medicare for undocumented illegals. Court costs.

2) Healthcare for all though finan-surance not the current rigid installment product. 

     a)The First Step to reducing rampant fraud for Medicaid is to allow for a copay. b)We need tort reform. c) Oxy manufacturer Perdue Pharma gave 116 million to the DNC and killed 130 people per day. 

Judicial Misconduct plays a role. prosecutorial Misconduct and legislative misconduct are incorporating Socialism. 

3) Affordable Housing 

        The HUD in CT is a criminal enterprise.  6 million properties that no one Polices. The Housing Authorities don't follow the HUD guidelines.    


4) Immigration Reform - Needs a  total overhaul. There can be no  Sanctuary Cities, Counties, or States. 

5)  College Education 

My platform will (#2, #3, #5) be underwritten by private insurance. We hope to offer: A, B, C. 

Here is How? 

A) Free Market Underwritten % of what you earn. 

B) Healthcare  % of what you earn.

C) Affordable Housing 

The government is a pay-for-play scheme for large developers. 



Economic policy. 

-End Outsourcing.

-Ensure Self reliance.

-National Pride.

-Protect American R&D/Patented Technology.

-End Trade Deficits

-Curtail the National Debt.

-Stop Printing Money before we ruin the currency. 

-Report accurate financial numbers.

-Regulate special Interest.

7)Roads, Bridges, Pipelines and Grids. 

8) Blumenthal is collecting bribes to ensure the profits of the industry overlooking the health risks. 

9) Cyber Security.

10) Ethics Reform

11)DCF/Human Trafficking. / money laundering and Bribery are rampant.